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Making your business appealing and convenient

The importance of web design in e-commerce is undeniable. The better your store looks, the more it sells.

Of course, there are several exceptions: some brands offer discounts enormous enough to make their customers battle through a poorly designed website. Some brands may have already proven the quality of their goods offline and are confident that their wares can sell themselves. Still, in the vast majority of cases the rule remains the same — visual presentation is vital.

When it comes to your customers, the user experience is directly proportional to the usability of the website. The position of your search bar and the accessibility of the text are both examples of small details which are often taken for granted yet are crucial to a site’s smooth operation.

How Can We Improve the User Experience Of Your Website?

Wireframing is an essential step in web development, which allows you to understand how the navigation of your store will look. Even though you can't see the final results on a wireframe, it's clear where all the important elements will be located.

We provide each client with a wireframe of their future project, taking into consideration both the users' needs and the company's goals. But what makes our UX design sell so well?

It’s convenient

Your customers won't waste their time on loading numerous pages or trying to navigate a messy menu structure. Ideally, they shouldn’t have to do any extra work in order to buy from your site. All the information they need is given to them and easily accessed. After the purchase, they immediately can see where to leave the feedback or buy another product.

It’s accessible

Not just for the regular customers who visit your store, but for everyone. This includes people unfamiliar with your product (or even a niche in which you operate), users with disabilities or those with a low level of tech literacy. That's why we make each page as simple to understand as possible.

It’s attractive

The website should be created in the best traditions of UI design. (UX and UI are inextricably linked). We use colour schemes which correspond to your brand's image and harmonise all the elements on the page with each other. The appealing look of the store and pleasant browsing experience inspires the customer to come back and buy again.

It’s useful

The customer can easily discover the product he/she needs and gather all the necessary information about it in 5 minutes, all whilst staying on your website. No external links and third-party sources required.

Why Unresponsive Design Does Not Equal Success

How can we determine whether your design is good or not? One of the crucial attributes of the top-notch UX design is its responsiveness. If your design only looks great on a PC, it won’t help your company get on top of your niche. Unfortunately, for example on websites which aren’t compatible with mobile phone browsers, it can even hurt your business.

A good e-commerce store can be viewed from any device without inconvenience. The quality of user experience should remain the same, especially when it comes to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Mobile traffic has recently exceeded that of browsing done on desktops and is only set to rise further. As of 2018, more than 50% of eCommerce revenue is generated through mobile traffic, and 80% of consumers use their mobile phone while visiting a “real life” store to gather more information (and better deals) about a product before purchasing.

With over 8 years of experience within a changing commercial landscape, we understand the needs of modern consumers. We can create responsive design for your web stores and make the mobile version highly accessible to any user. Your customers will be able to make an effortless purchase in a matter of minutes. With easy-to-use payment options and quick checkout times, your site will encourage your customers to buy without hesitation or frustration.

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