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Effortless migration from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x

In 2015, Magento released an even more advanced version of their platform. Some users upgraded their stores as soon as possible, but others preferred to wait until absolutely necessary. But why?

There are some widespread arguments against migration. Brands which still use Magento 1.x will often say:

  • “Why change for Magento 2.x, if everything works on Magento 1.x?”
  • “The migration process seems to be too complicated for us, so we’d better leave it at that.”
  • “Our company is undemanding; the functionality of the first version is enough to run our business.”
  • “We could upgrade, but we don’t have the time or resources right now.”

Does this sound familiar? Then let us be totally honest with you and justify why migration has to be a top priority on the to-do list of your company.

Magento 2.x vs. Magento 1.x

Every sign indicates that Magento 2.x will entirely replace the first version and become the new e-commerce standard within the next few years. Websites launched on Magento 2.x will surpass those which are still running on the Magento 1.x, due to their faster performance and better functionality. In fact, there are many reasons to bite the bullet and upgrade soon.

Improved performance

Your store works much faster with Magento 2: page loading speed has increased 1.5 times due to full page caching, checkout is 38% faster and the number of possible orders per hour is 117% more compared to Magento 1. Better speed equals better sales.

A responsive admin interface

With the upgrade to version 2, Magento experienced significant changes and became a truly user-friendly interface. Admittedly, the Magento 1 admin panel was a little confusing! Now you can access it from any device, with full mobile platform support, and easily add images and video to product pages. Even though the navigation menu has more options now, it is built very logically and easy-to-use – even for the novice user.

Modern database and software support

Magento 1 works only with 5.6 or lesser versions of PHP, while Magento 2 fully supports PHP 7 as well as Varnish, Redis, RabbitMG, Elasticsearch, Oracle, MSSQL, JS Stack and other software. All those technologies vastly improve customer experience.

Advanced SEO solutions

Magento 2 comes with default SEO features which can be used by people who aren’t experts in the field. Unlike Magento 1, the latest version has abundant snippets which allow merchants to display prices, ratings, and other markups.
All of this sounds good, right? Unfortunately, the migration process is a little more complicated than one click of a button. It might be not easy without possessing specific skills and experience. That’s why we are offering our help to make this process effortless for you.

Why us? We have been working with Magento for 8 years. Our specialists have successfully launched a number of e-Commerce websites on Magento 2.x and updated many Magento 1.x stores to the latest version. We’re confident we’re your best option for making the migrating progress smooth and simple.

Frequently Asked Questions about Migration

It might not be urgent now, but it will be soon. Magento 1 is a well-built platform with a great performance, but updates are no longer being released for this version. Whilst minor fixes are still being released, it will not be long before the platform reaches its end of life and Magento 2 becomes the new industry standard. so the majority of web stores will be built using this version of a platform. The longer you leave it to upgrade, the likelihood of your website becoming slow and outdated. A bit like using an iPhone 5S when everyone around you has an iPhone 10.
The original Magento was ahead of its time when it was released a full decade ago, but our table shows the clear contrast in quality between the two versions.
Magento 1.x Magento 2.x
Updates No new features will be included in the future This version will be constantly updated and maintained
Architecture Flexible Completely new flexible architecture with streamlined speed
PHP Supports only older versions of PHP (5.6 or lesser) Supports latest versions of PHP (5.6+ /7.0) & Varnish, Apache 2.2 and MySQL 5.6 for better performance
Admin Panel Non-responsive Scalable with UI support (will be available on your tablet or smartphone)
HTML5/CSS3 No support Native support
Video Features Only basic Integrated video (PDP)
Payments External PayPal Integrated PayPal experience, Integrated braintree
Checkout Legacy Streamlined two-step checkout, 38% quicker
Table Locking Severe table locking issues Zero table locking
Real-time Performance Checking External integrations Native New Relic Reporting out-of-the-box
Fraud Protection External extensions Guaranteed Fraud Protection by Signifyd
Full page cache External extensions Native Full page cache out-of-the-box
Note: This is not the full list of new tools and features.
As web developers we find the updates and added features to Magento 2 pretty exciting, but as a company there are real commercial benefits to migrating to the latest version.
  1. Better Scalability and Performance speed up the working process, meaning your customer won't leave your page due to poor loading times or crashes.
  2. Better Security Measures give you peace of mind when storing sensitive and financial data. It also shows your customers that you value their privacy, especially when it comes to making payments.
  3. Easier Installation and Upgrades make your Magento experience even more pleasant, so you're not spending countless hours with tech support.
  4. New Engagement Tools ensure better communication with your customers.
  5. More Convenient Admin Panel means more efficient management, and less unprofessional mistakes.
  6. Excellent Compatibility with Other Platforms gives you vast opportunities for web design to make your site look as appealing as possible.
  7. New Relic Reporting provides you with a detailed real-time performance metrics, so you can see the improvement of your site's performance first-hand!
Almost everything at your existing store can be migrated. We can entirely move the entire website you had on Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x. If you are happy with the design of your website, it is only a case of rewriting the code. We will do the same concerning functionality and data. So, what gets migrated?
  • Store Configuration;
  • Sales Orders and Product data;
  • List of Customers;
  • Basic SEO Setup;
  • CMS Pages;
  • Site Content;
  • Promotions;
  • Loyalty Points;
  • Workflows, Processes and Concepts, etc.
Important: As Magento 1.x themes are not transferable to Magento 2.x, we can recreate your old theme to the smallest detail. To speed up the process, we can also choose a ready-to-apply theme together and adjust it according to your requirements.
We can’t say the precise term until we know what exactly is demanded. Duration of migration depends mainly on 3 factors:
  1. The initial state of your website.
  2. The complexity of existing design and functionality.
  3. Your requirements (What needs moving to the new platform?)
Based on our past experience, a migration takes from 3 to 12 months.
Yes, we can walk you through the whole Magento 2.x functionality. You can also request individual access to our demo version and check out the usability of the basic Admin Panel yourself. Simply send us an enquiry to get started.

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