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Magento + properly integrated extensions = +50% to your success

What if you could turn your eCommerce store into a multi-supportive platform? The Luxinten team offer you such an opportunity. To do this, we select the suitable Magento extensions, bearing in mind the main interests of your company. Your website can be connected to your internal office systems; ERP, CRM & SQL servers, marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, and a variety of other services which you may need to scale your business.

This all requires proper Magento integration. Nothing will work great while being carelessly gathered in one pile. Your website equipped with the best third-party extensions can show the best performance only being harmonized with their configurations.

That’s exactly what you got Luxinten for. We are here to tie your extensions altogether at it’s finest. We are here to give you more opportunities, more control and more satisfied customers.

So what kind of third-party system would you like to integrate with your Magento store? Although we deal with a variety of extensions, there are 4 major categories:

  • Payment Gateways;
  • POS Systems;
  • Logistics Systems;
  • ERP and Accounting Systems.

Extensions from each category have its own features and complexities. Let us show you why you may need one or another system.

1. Payment Gateway Integrations

A payment gateway is a simple extension which help a business owner to use third-party payment services. The most well-known among them is PayPal (which is available “out-of-the-box”) followed by SagePay, Stripe, Braintree and Klarna. If your company operates in a specific regional market, you can consider the installation of local payment gateways. Besides PayPal, Magento Enterprise Edition comes with the following worldwide payment gateways:

  • Cybersource;
  • First Data;
  • Worldpay.

Why should you use it? Everybody who is running an eCommerce business and expecting to receive payments for their goods or services needs a payment gateway and a merchant’s account. A payment gateway transfers funds received from the buyer to the payment processor, from where they are issued to a merchant’s account. Also, this extension authorizes customer’s card and reaffirms the legality of the transaction.

2. POS Systems Integration

POS (Point-of-Sale) system is a must-have for any land-based retail business due to its amazing automation abilities. Using this, you get:

  • Detailed reports on sales, expenses and inventory;
  • Faster cash transfers; Automated accounting process;
  • Simple management of promotions and discounts;
  • Fine protection of your funds.

It’s obvious that a lot of land-based companies also have an eCommerce store which brings them as large as if not larger profits. To ensure more connection between your website and your land-based departments, we can implement cloud-based or on-premise POS integration according to your needs. Mostly we use such POS systems as Ebizmarts POS, IWD, ePOS, and others.

3. Logistics Systems Integration

If you trade physical goods, your eCommerce store needs logistics system integration to ship your products across your country or worldwide. Speaking of the UK market, the most prominent logistics system you may use here is Royal Mail. Worldwide-known services are DHL, TNT, FedEx, etc.

To provide your customers with the high-grade delivery service, you must be sure that your website integration with the chosen logistics system is seamless. That’s why you need a reliable assistant to whom you can entrust this task. Luxinten back-end developers can easily cope with it.

4. ERP and Accounting Systems Integration

With integrated ERP and accounting systems, you can easily move your data between systems. To get some idea which kinds of data can be transferred, take a look at the list below:

  • Sales Orders;
  • Inventory Levels;
  • Product Data;
  • Shipping & Product updates;
  • Purchase Orders;
  • Accounts & Contacts;
  • Lists of Customers, etc.

We can solve your integration issues and streamline your business processes together. The Luxinten team is ready to work with projects of any complexity — from simple extension installation to the creation of the advanced architecture with a strict hierarchy of in-built systems. Interested? Press the button below.

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