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Magento Support – Any Time You Need It

When it comes to web maintenance, prevention is just as if not better than a cure. Whilst your Magento store may be perfectly designed, minor bugs regarding updates or extensions may still appear.

In order to avoid small issues becoming major disruptions, many organisations seek the support of an external person or company to continuously maintain their store for them. Preferably it should be someone reliable, with an extensive knowledge and experience of this area.

With thousand of proposals out there, it’s very hard to single out one company or specialist who fits with your goals. It’s easy to spend hours researching the best option for your business – you may have just bumped into our page during this process yourself!

So, what makes Luxinten a good fit for your company?
Firstly, we provide long-term support and maintenance. You’ll be protected 24/7 without worrying that we will leave your site to fend for itself after a few months.

We’ve worked with Magento for over 8 years. We consider ourselves experts in our field and we never stop refreshing our knowledge as the technical landscape updates around us.

Each technical specialist in our company has his or her own areas of specialisation, and we always assign you the person with the skillset which fits you best.

Sleep Well With Our Magento Support Package

Our Magento Support Package is a comprehensive solution for all you technical needs. Each project is unique, but the permanent and ongoing maintenance of your store can include:

Magento Upgrades

By installing the latest version of Magento, you will have access to new options and tools for merchants, plus extensions and plugins.

Bug Fixing

If something is not working on your website, we react quickly to fix the error.

Design Changes

Some elements of your store will need to be redesigned over time. Trends constantly change, and you may find your site needs a facelift in order to avoid appearing outdated.

SEO & Marketing Support

Your site can be optimised to make it attractive to both customers and search engines. This can be done on a regular basis.

Project Management

We leave coding to the programmers, designing to designers.. but who takes care of your business as a whole? Our project manager analyses the overall effectiveness of your eCommerce store and defines the project approach for any integration processes.

Performance Monitoring

We diagnose the current condition of your website and decide whether it requires speed optimisation. We can improve the performance using tools including Varnish, Redis and Memcache.

Quality Assurance

We are proactive in our maintenance of your site; all the processes and pages of your store will be periodically reviewed to ensure optimal performance.

Choose Your Support Package

Magento Technical Audit

To accept help you must first recognise that you need it! And how will you know whether your store urgently needs a review? If any of the statements below apply to you, we would recommended pursuing a technical audit of your site.

  • You suspect that your store is run not on the latest version of Magento (and may be running outdated extensions and security patches).
  • Page loading speed is low, or the frequency of sudden site crashes has increased.
  • You figured out that your website has been hacked, or you want to check whether a hack has taken place.
  • You’re not sure about the quality of your Magento code or have already noticed some errors in it.
  • There are some problems with the displaying of visual elements on the pages.
  • The user experience of your store is far from perfect.
  • You want to be sure that the extensions you chose to install are compatible with your website.
  • You want to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2.
  • Your business has experienced a drop in sales, or has been receiving a higher amount of negative feedback than usual.
Here’s where Luxinten can help. We can carry out a technical audit of your website to identify any issues that may be contributing to your site’s poor performance.

After you send us a request for assistance, we can discuss your concerns and choose the appropriate service package to fit your needs. For instance you may be experiencing technical troubles but have no questions on SEO & Marketing; therefore your support package would reflect this.

Afterwards, we will analyse your website. For this we need access to:

  • Magento back-end
  • Git
  • SSH
  • Site owner’s Google Analytics account

(Don’t worry; we will never share your data with any third-parties and all your personal information remains secure.)

At the end of the audit, we deliver the full report to you (usually in around 2-3 weeks) and invite you participate in a Skype conversation to discuss our findings and suggestions for improvement. When it comes to improving your website, you are under no pressure to continue using our services if you do not wish to, although we’re are happy to continue our partnership by fixing the issues we identified.

Request Magento Technical Audit

Bonus: Magento SEO Audit from Our Partners

If you're not too concerned about the technical aspects of your website but would like to review the SEO settings of your store, Luxinten can offer you a SEO audit from our partner, who provide ongoing support to us in maintaining numerous Magento eCommerce stores.
Order SEO Audit from Partners