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Innovative development solutions using Magento

Magento is a platform ready-to-use, “out of the box.”, so to speak. Indeed, it has a great selection of templates for e-commerce stores, letting you choose one and build a website on its basis. It’s common for start-ups to do this to avoid using time and resources on an idea that may not succeed.
However, if you are an owner of a well-established company, ready-made themes only barely reach the expectations of a professional, distinctive brand.

Achieve the best results

The creation of a store with this kind of complicated structure, design and user experience require a specific skillset. Our team of specialists know Magento like the back of our hand. An average Luxinten specialist has 5+ years of experience and has completed dozens of projects just like yours. We raise the bar high in order to achieve the best possible results
There are various business solutions we can provide you with:

1. Magento Development from Scratch

Together we will define the primary goals for your business, your ideas for your website and the most reasonable path to make them a reality. Leave the “boring” (we might debate that!) tech tasks to us while we work on creating the optimal website for your company.

Magento development from scratch means that we build your website with a basic Magento template as a foundation, altering it to your specific needs. We use cutting-edge techniques to improve your business including:

  • Technical documentation creation.
  • Team Estimating; Timeline building.
  • Ticket Documentation in Jira.
  • Scrum process.
  • GIT Branching.
  • Code review/Peer Reviews.
  • Formal QA.

The main purpose of this type of build is to provide the customers with benefits such as advanced functionality, increased scalability, better performance and opportunities for further growth.

2. Improvement of the Existing Store

This service is for those who already have a good working e-commerce store but feel like it could be improved. If you share our philosophy of “Not just good, but better”, you’ll know what we mean.
We don’t just complete large and continuous projects, we also take on small orders such as simple installations of new extensions or minor re-designs. And of course, we will discuss these improvements with you every step of the way.

3. Speed Optimization

A slow website means slow growth, slow profit, slow everything. If you’ve been noticing that your website is performing slower than it should be, there are various methods we can apply to your website for speed optimisation. The fast-caching methods we use to boost the performance of your store:

  • Varnish
  • CDNs
  • Full Page Cache
  • Redis
  • Memcache
  • PHPFastCache

With improved website speed you’ll get better conversion rates, enhanced user experience and more sales.

4. Site Audit

We offer a technical audit service to all clients. This includes speed optimisation, amongst other things:

  • A performance review of:
    • Homepage;
    • Category Page;
    • Product Page;
    • Cart Page;
    • Checkout Page
    • Product List Page;
    • Any other pages of your store.
  • Error logs checking;
  • Cache configuration & recommendations;
  • Review of Magento codebase;
  • Review of extensions and third-party integrations performance;
  • Review & analysis of URL rewrites;
  • Review of the theme, asset handling and front-end code;
  • Testing of reindexing processes;
  • Gzip compression.

Learn more about Technical Audit and other Magento Support & Maintenance services.

5. Testing

If you have a ready website but not sure that it’s bug-free, leave it to Luxinten. We’ll review your code and provide you with quality assurance, so you’re confident that the site you’re launching is top-notch. Needless to say, we rigorously test all our creations before delivering them to our customers.

6. Extension Development

We have developed dozens of custom extensions from scratch and successfully integrated them with the e-commerce stores of our clients. To do this, our specialists use two methods: Magento API and the custom implementation.

Before beginning your project, we will consult with you on an updated architecture because we strive to minimise conflicts between modules and reduce support requests. Technical documentation containing user guides and FAQs are available for each extension, and any issues with an extension’s performance can be quickly reported.
To discuss your specific needs, please contact our team. Our advice? Any failure within your website can result in a critical loss of your revenue, so let us fix it quickly and effectively, as soon as possible.