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What Distinguishes Magento Stores from other platforms?

With numerous options available for anyone with an online store or website, choosing a suitable e-commerce setup can be a tough decision.

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. Its release in 2008 means the company has a decade of innovation and experience in supporting large and small businesses. Powering more than 250,000 live stores on the web, Magento is typically used by companies with an annual online turnover between $1m and $100m. Big names using Magento include Nike, Samsung and Ford.

If this feels alienating to you, don’t worry. Stores with smaller turnovers also do well with Magento. The platform is extremely user-friendly and easily adaptable to fit the needs of your business.

Here are our top three examples of why Magento is different from its alternatives:

1. Magento gives you full control over your website.

Many other e-commerce platforms lack the full customisation required when setting up your company website. Software which requires you to use a ready-made template means you lack access to your back-end and front-end development. In contrast, Magento is fully customisable in both design and functionality.

2. Magento has a huge third-party extension selection.

Whilst similar services provide you with the capacity to integrate third-party extensions, the selection is often smaller and more limited. With a huge developer following, the shared knowledge is reflected in a huge and diverse catalogue of plug-ins and extensions. There is a large portfolio of free products available, so even a company with a limited budget can find a suitable extension for their website.

3. Magento Evolves Alongside Your Business.

Magento has a modular architecture, which means you can instantly increase the size of your store without sacrificing website performance. The same thing works for servers: the ability to apply quick changes to your store without any downtime is a huge advantage to using Magento.

If Magento is so simple, why do you need us?

Not every company has its own web developer, or the time and resources to implement a project of this scale. Luckily for you, crafting exceptional Magento stores is what makes us happy. We’ve spent over 8 years learning everything we can about the platform, so creating top quality stores and websites is second-nature to us.
So what’s the secret of our success? Well, we:

  • Provide strong customer service

Our clear and reliable communication means you won’t be chasing us for information.
We discuss each project in details and keep our clients informed as their order is implemented.
We are available any stage in the project if you have questions that need answering, and aim to provide a swift response.

  • Communicate transparently and flexibly

Our team is comprised of developers with different skills and backgrounds, and we assign your project a specialist who best fits your requirements. Your personal manager will be your guide in the world of Magento, supporting you throughout the process. We work on projects of varying durations and apply different approaches to our work depending on what’s needed. Honesty is the main principle of our service, and we won’t try to muddle you with technical jargon when plain English will do.

Do our job well regardless of the complexity

With many years experiencing working on projects with new and complex challenges, our team of keen problem-solvers are capable of completing tasks of any nature, from simple Magento installation to the development of the advanced and innovative projects.

Create with a commercial mindset

We build high traffic Magento e-commerce websites which use the full potential of the platform. As well as our technical expertise, we explore how your website will work to convert as many visits into sales with quality design and full functionality.

But I already have a store on another platform…

If you’re convinced that Magento would be a better fit for your business, don’t worry; it’s never too late to migrate.

Our team offers you stress-free, smooth migration to Magento from any other platform. If you’re happy with how it looks, we can switch your store to a Magneto interface without disrupting the design of your store. Or, if you want us to create entirely new design for your store, we can implement both at the same time.
Migrating a store over to Magento is something we do a lot, and in seven stages:

  1. Identification of your goals and requirements.
  2. Development of new design or redesign.
  3. Product import.
  4. Migration of customer, orders and other relevant data.
  5. Core features rebuild.
  6. Advanced SEO setup.
  7. Relaunch of your website.

If you need to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, we also can do it for you. Find out more about this service here.